What Is a Content Writer?

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A content writer’s job description is often as individual as someone’s personality. Freelance content writers often have different strong points and job skills, and they showcase these skills through what they offer as content writers. 

One content writer may just focus on the writing portion of social media posts, another may do both the writing and the image creation. Some content writers take it a step further to social media management, where they cover all aspects of your business’s social media, including responding to comments and messages. 

It is important to know how much, or how little, help you need when you are hiring a content writer. Vocalizing your needs and making sure your goals align with the content writer’s skills is key. Regardless of which route you choose; each content writer should cover all of the following when writing for your business’ social media platforms. 

1) Focuses on Your Business Goals for Each Post

A good content writer should share your goals for your small business. Having an open line of communication is key to ensure that every post made falls within the objectives of your business. 

Before any post is made, your content writer will meet with you to better understand your target audience, your product or service, and the overall atmosphere or mood you want to convey to your followers. If you are unsure what to expect, or what questions to ask, check out this blog to prepare for your initial meeting. 

Once the common goals are understood, your content writer will make sure every post is focused on reaching the desired outcome- whether that be more product purchases online or more customers visiting in store.

2) Does the Necessary Research for You 

SEO and keyword research is time consuming and changes often. A content writer can keep 

up with these ever-changing trends for you. 

Since their job revolves around social media, they see the upcoming trends daily and can anticipate if the trend will benefit your business. Understanding your business’ industry and audience is the key to reaching your target audience.

3) Saves You Time

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Although each content writer is different, they will all save you time. Their individual process will determine how much time they save you. When hiring a content writer, make sure that their process is one

 that will work for you as well.

For my clients, I create all the posts for the upcoming week, then send the posts to them f

or approval. All they have to do is check that the posts are correct and in line with their goals, then send me back a quick approval email. When all is said and done, the majority of the time, the business owner spends five minutes or less on weekly social media postings! 

4) Develops a Social Media Strategy

Understanding when your target audience is online, and what they want to see is important to your business’ online success. Analyzing your social media platforms statistics can be confusing and time consuming. 

A content writer knows how valuable these statistics are, and should be regularly analyzing growth, demographics, and engagement within the platforms. 

I have found that some small businesses like to post themselves, but don’t have the time for all of the analysis and research. Because of this, I created a social media analysis and strategy guide. With this report, I do all the leg work for you, giving you a plan to follow which includes important keywords to use, hashtags, the frequency you should be posting, and specific days and times that are best for your target audience. 

5) Promotes Online Brand Recognition

Brand recognition goes a long way in online marketing. Making sure your followers can recognize your business when they are scrolling can make an impact on engagement numbers. 

Each post should not only include your logo but should also in some way keep the intended mood and atmosphere of your business. Creating a color pallet and common themes are a few social media strategies that a content writer may help to promote your business’ online brand recognition.

6) Delivers Consistency 

This is said over and over again in the online world – consistency is key. It sounds so simple, but it is the hardest thing to deliver when you are building a business. 

A content writer can give you the online consistency that your business needs. Social media platforms are run on algorithms, those algorithms learn patterns. It is important to stay in those patterns, keep engagement high, and consistently show up online in order to stay in front of your online followers. 

By hiring a content writer, you are ensuring that your social media platforms stay consistent, all with minimum effort from you. 

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So, whether you are looking for just a little help online, or a full overhaul of your social media platforms, a content writer is a good choice. Posting consistently online can be confusing, time consuming, and often downright frustrating. Having someone who understands the process and has the time to do the necessary research can be the key to ensuring your small business gets noticed online. 


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