Reflective Essay

           Real Life Application of Intro to Writing Course


Because I have taken courses out of order due to my work schedule, I began this course unsure if I would learn anything new that I had not learned in classes of a higher level. I am happy to report that I did learn some very helpful information, at a time that it was the most important.

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During this semester I quit my job and started work as a freelance writer. I am focusing on content writing for small businesses who need help with their social media accounts. This course has helped me better understand that telling a story is a way to get people to take notice of what you have to offer.

Even the research piece, which proved a little difficult in the beginning, helped to enhance my research skills as well as see from a different perspective. For the most part, I believed that electronic devices were a hindrance to children in this day and age. Although I still believe real life interaction is important, the research I did helped me understand that these electronic advances are not all bad.

Research is a huge part of my new professional endeavor. I have clients who are real estates agents, a credit repair company, and a construction company- and in none of these areas am I an expert. Because of this, I have to do lots of research to find correct information to convey on behalf of the company. I also have to constantly be up to date with current trends, hashtags, and important dates in order to keep my clients content relevant. This class has helped me do all of that. And it has been nice to be able to use some of my work in my class assignments. This helps me know that the courses I am taking have real life application.